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About me

Florian Vessaz
Florian Vessaz
  • Currently studying Computer Science: I am a master student at EPFL.
  • PGP Fingerprint: AAF2 9FB2 B0B7 E32B 806B 110D 1120 EB6F AAA9 2FCD

The preferred way to contact me is by e-mail or XMPP (Jabber). For both protocols, my address is simply my firstname at my domain. I'm sure you'll figure it out! ;-)


I am operating various services under the domain, including (but not limited to):

  • Web hosting
  • Mail hosting
  • Jabber server
  • Git hosting

For friends and family: I can among other things create you a Jabber account or host your personal mail or website. It's worth asking.

If you're self hosting your DNS zone(s) and you know me (even remotely), then I'll most likely happily setup one of my servers as a secondary for your zone(s).


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